Welcome to the LOVE IN ACTION 17 movement and its mission to carry out 17 random acts of love in remembrance of our extended Marjory Stoneman Douglas family who traded their eagle feathers for angel wings.

As alumni of MSD (c/o 99 and c/o 02) and the creators of the EAGLES SOAR HIGHER #MSDSTRONG shirt we have already witnessed an outpouring of love from across our nation and outstretching arms all over this world.

But even with over the 2900 shirts purchased and $70k+ (and counting) raised through those efforts we know we can DO more...

LOVE for us isn't just sentimental but shown in faithful acts that are personal, purposeful and unstoppable and we believe that although tragedy happens IN life we can't allow it to happen TO life. 

"You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden"

-Matthew 5:14

So consider this your PERSONAL invitation to join us in the LOVE IN ACTION 17 MOVEMENT.  This is a way for us to all come together and shine light out of darkness.


Here's how it works:

1.  Choose how you would like to support and commit to doing one random act of love each day for 17 days.

2.  With each love act make sure to leave/hand/distribute the official LOVE IN ACTION 17 CARD so that the recipient knows why they are being blessed and is given an opportunity with instructions on the card to find this page and join in the love.

3.  Post your random acts of love on social media and challenge 17 of your friends to join in on the fun! #loveinaction17


We are also in the beginning stages of forming a 501c3 in which the proceeds from this movement's products will be used to support the overall mission of carrying forth the victims legacies and continuing to be an even BIGGER blessing to those in need.


Use the links below join in!