Hey Loves!

We are sisters on a mission to love on others and giveback to those in need.  For us, love is more than a word; it's a way of life.  A way for us to positively impact the things around us.  An opportunity to uplift and encourage others.  A chance to spread love and leave our mark on this world.


"We believe that clothes are an outward expression of an inward impression and we want everyone to know just how beautiful and powerful they truly are!"


Founded in faith, and built on trust, The LOVEMARK Co. is meant to inspire hope with our uplifting hand-lettered scripted tees, tanks, and sweatshirts that are all carefully curated with the highest quality materials, processes, and fashion in mind...all while giving back!  Ten- percent of all gross product sales are donated back to charity.


 "It's not enough to be blessed if you can't be a blessing to others."  


We hope you join us in our mission BUT no matter what you choose to put on each day...above all else remember to WEAR AND GIVE LOVE!