our thoughts on giving

For most, when you form any new company you sit down with your dream and try to squeeze your colorful vision onto black and white paper.  You develop a business plan.  Analyze your costs.  Forecast your sales.  Work up the best strategies to see a return...  And this is how your beautiful dream gets reduced to a bunch of numbers.

For us at The LOVEMARK Co, our business plan looks a little different because our mission isn't just about dollars it's about (as our tagline says) "spreading love and leaving our mark".  So instead of getting stuck on how much we need to make, we stay focused on how much we want to GIVE.

We carry this principle mindset through to all of our dealings.  In fact these are the fist things we ask the charities we create GiveBack Campaigns for:  

1.  What are your needs?

2.  What is your giveback goal?

Of course as anyone knows the math reveals the units that need to be sold ignored for us to get there, but this simple shift keeps us outwardly giving verses inwardly receiving.  It keeps us aligned to the very mission in which we were founded and the dreams we were called to share.  It makes it less about a shirt count and more about a heart count.  It fosters our core value of obsessive generosity and softens that feeling of having to count every penny earned.  Because when you focus on giving, the getting simply takes care of itself.

Do we have big "business plans of growing? Of course!  But only so we can continue to make an even BIGGER difference.


Share with us your thoughts on this article and comment below on which ways you can greater focus on your goals to give.